I am sitting on a train on route back to Suffolk. By now NINJOD should be safely tucked up inside the inner marina at port pendennis. I have a bag full of pills and a dose of pneumonia. Everybody tells me I have got off lightly and that I am lucky. Yet, as I look at the AZAB website and see the other competitors adventures unfold, I can’t help but feel terribly unlucky.

A4 Action

I managed to grab some video during my asym shenanigans before it all went wrong and thought I’d share it.
The makeshift halyard bags were a last addition minute addition that kept some of the water out of the boat (only some !!)..

In other news after visits to the doctors and hospital yesterday I have just had a call from the hospital. Turns out that they think I now have pneumonia and I have to go back to docs/hospital today.. Blast !

After some sleep… the Issues…

Another broken Selden car..
I called Joel at NKE this morning and spent 1o minutes taking him through everything. We reset a number of units on the bus and then scratched our heads some more as to why the system is tripping out and shutting down. Going to try and track down Mark Wylie next…

In Falmouth

It’s 00:30 and I am now just tied up in Falmouth. To demonstrate further the amazing commitment that the Royal Cornwall yacht club and it’s members have to this race I was greeted by a rib at black rock with Peter (the commodore) and Neil (our host) on board. Neil came on board and they led me in.
1st port of call tomorrow is a doctors then I will worry about the electronics.
Now for some sleep.

35 nautical miles to Lizard

The code zero has just gone up as the wind direction suited it and the wind speed has dropped. Bit of a balancing act between a double reefed mainsail and the zero. 5 hours ish to Lizard point and then another 15 miles or so into Falmouth. Plan is to get some sleep, make some phone calls to NKE and take stock.
Jan sent me a list of all the well wishers, many thanks to you all.

not the best of..

.. nights last night. sat on cockpit floor all night waiting for electronics to fail again.. they did .. twice..Marco very kindly sent through some suggestions and have had a go with at all of them. Dropped switch panel out and cleaned all then earths, this seems to have made a difference, at least for the moment anyway.
I seem to have become ill. chest sore, coughing up green stuff , head that feels like Will is playing drums inside of it and very scratch throat. Going to try and get some sleep in a moment then dig out a can of soup and have a go at making myself feel better.


just come off phone with falmouth . they asked me to keep them updated on my progress. so, electronics seem better, have tripped out once more.. nke always starts with error on true wind and true wind direction before the thing fails, perhaps the issue is aloft. anyway i cleaned all the terminals.
mainsail probelms all selden cars again..too windy to change now.. its a different car this time.. am able to sail with a heavily reefed sail…
very tired… long nighgt ahead…

Power Failure on Ninjod

I just had a call from Paul, who is currently contending with intermittent power failure. Unfortunately during the first failure all of the electronics, including the autopilot, went off and the boat crash gybed. This resulted in a broken mainsail and will probably ultimately result in his retirement from this race. The power continues to come and go, and seems to fail when under load, so Paul has switched to the back-up pilot, which uses less power but is struggling to cope with the seas. He is also quite concerned about getting any rest without being able to rely on a pilot.


catastrophic instrument failure..everytghuing switched off. pilot ..the whole nke system. boat crash gybed and stuffed at least 1 batten car. nke bus keeps tripping out. have called mrcc falmouth, have turned around.. have major issues, no instruments, handheld backup gps…. raymarine pilot stuggling in these conditions.. 30 hours away.. so miserable


Had the kite up for too long. Wind built to 25 knots true and i ended up sailing deeper and deeper. The drop wasnt too bad thanks to the facnor furler. I wouldnt have stood a hope with a sock or a conventional drop on my own.
making great speed over the ground often 9 or 10 knots with surfs a little higher. Seem to have caught up with 2 boats in front of me. not sure who they are yet.
solar and wind doing their jobs. voltage back up to 13.3 and I am only drawing 0.3 amps with everything on and pilot running.

Paul Brant

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