Message from the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club

Many of you are now in Ponta Delgada and those of you still at sea are closing fast on your destination. For us left onshore back in Cornwall it has been wonderful following you on the tracker systems as we are able to share your joys and frustrations without getting cold and wet at sea! It has been very interesting to read the reports of some of you and in those reports the friendly atmosphere of the AZAB race is apparent. The reports of those who have been forced to retire are also respected for it is a major decision to pull out of a race and always good seamanship to recognise the dangers of continuing to race with gear failure or illness amongst the crew. My thoughts are particularly with Paul Brant the skipper of Ninjod for an early recovery from pneumonia which he was diagnosed with when he reached us back in Falmouth.

The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club Members wish you all a wonderful time in the Azores and a party atmosphere similar to the evening I enjoyed with you all at the Falmouth Hotel before the start of the outbound leg. On the return race to Cornwall I do hope you will come back with winds in the Southerly sector.

Thank you competitors for sailing AZAB 2011 and when you go home tell your friends about it and get them to come in 2015.

Peter Collett