Welcome to the Azab

Welcome to AZAB 2015, the 2,400 mile ocean race, in the unlikely event of you sailing in a straight line!

Having enjoyed my first AZAB Race in 2011, I now find myself as Race Director of 2015.

Colin Drummond a founder /competitor of the AZAB in 1973 has passed the Race Director baton to me and has threatened to race again in 2015.

It is an international ocean race for all comers, from experienced yachtsmen sailing 60 footers to the inexperienced guys like me with smallish boats. I had never raced my Moody 336 or sailed further than Brittany!

AZAB 2015

Forward planning for the 2015 Azores and Back Race is now in progress and potential competitors are invited to register a preliminary interest - email details to

JanKees Lampe does it again.

Line Honours for JanKees as La Promesse takes Hayai during the last day of his run to the finish line. The face says it all. Well done.

Some helpful advice.


This article is written with the sole purpose of pointing potential competitors in the right direction in preparing to enter the AZAB 2015 race.
It will be of little help to experienced ocean racers or those who have done the race before, but it hopefully will be of use to those new to this sort of challenge.
The author has taken part in three previous AZAB’s and so knows some of the pitfalls. In no way does he ever wish to appear patronising and apologies to those who thinks he is being so!

Equilibrium retires

Message relayed by George Isted on Concerto - I spoke with Equilibrium this morning at 0530 and they are retiring and returning to P.Delgada.

They have experienced electrical failure so no instruments, VHF, Sat coms, etc. I’m not sure if they can start their engine but hopefully that is on a separate battery.

They have a H/H VHF and 2 H/H GPS sets and all was well on-board apart from the frustration of this problem.

Their position at 0530 was 40:28N 25:07W

Tamar Swallow and Cantilena of London

Tamar Swallow has reported that her second reef has jammed and as they can not make a repair she is expecting to make slower progress this leg.

We are sorry to say that Cantilena of London's tracker is not transmitting and we are unable to automatically update her position. We will enter positions for her when we receive them by other means.
Richard Clark's Wednesday blog reported her close by.

Lexia and Foula

Foula reports - All is well onboard, while making steady but slow progress home to Conway. David reluctantly decided to retire because his self steering windvane gear failed and he has to hand steer.

Lexia is just under 200 miles from the Azores determined to complete his first leg.

Should you wish to follow their progress visit Lexia & Foula


The tracking chart has been cleared for plotting the Return Leg Race
To see a replay of Leg 1 please go to the Replay Leg 1 link above.
If you wish to follow the progress of Yacht Lexia's race or Yacht Foula's return trip please visit Lexia & Foula

Return Leg Starts Tuesday 21st June at 1300 utc

51 Boats remain in the race that starts out again tomorrow.
Relief, becalmed 7 miles off the finish line, will be late starting because she will have to take the obligatory 48 hour rest period.
Lexia, the Sunbird 32, determined to complete her first major race without retiring, is making slow but sure progress to the finish line but with 380 miles still to go, some of the faster boats that start tomorrow may will be finished before she finishes her first leg and becomes eligible to go again.
The current wind forecast is for light airs.

Message from the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club

Many of you are now in Ponta Delgada and those of you still at sea are closing fast on your destination. For us left onshore back in Cornwall it has been wonderful following you on the tracker systems as we are able to share your joys and frustrations without getting cold and wet at sea! It has been very interesting to read the reports of some of you and in those reports the friendly atmosphere of the AZAB race is apparent.