AZAB 2011 start and crew photos now available at

Were you not able to see them off? It was a perfect day for the photographers!
Photos in alphabetical and class order are available to view and buy online at Start and group photos, are available at the end of the individual shots. Watch out for the AZAB article in Yachting World coming up soon.
All the best to the competitors, happy and safe racing.
Nikki Woodroffe N2Wind Photography.
The Skippers and Co-skippers AZAB 2011 at the RCYC

AZAB day 2 round up

The front runners had a good weekend flying down the track to St Miguel , all eight leading boats recorded 24 hr runs of over 200 miles made good Sunday to Monday ,  with La Promesse  recording 283 miles at an average of just under 12 knots.

In Class 3 Chris Tibbs had a great day in Taika making 216 miles ahead of Roger and Flic in Elixir who did 203 miles noon to noon.

Chris Rustom in Ding Dong made up for an un-characteristic first day with a 216 mile run to get back  to within 6 miles of  Rob and Charlie's 217 miles in Jbellino.

Fortitude retires on broken forestay

Fortitude, the Pogo Class40 sailed by Simon Costain and Nick Carte has retired due to a damaged forestay. The duo is heading back for Falmouth.

In Falmouth

It’s 00:30 and I am now just tied up in Falmouth. To demonstrate further the amazing commitment that the Royal Cornwall yacht club and it’s members have to this race I was greeted by a rib at black rock with Peter (the commodore) and Neil (our host) on board. Neil came on board and they led me in.
1st port of call tomorrow is a doctors then I will worry about the electronics.
Now for some sleep.

Joyful day for Team Embla

Team Embla was enjoying the sunny and warm weather when calling their backoffice team today. The standard Norwegian offshore combat gear was replaced by comfortable fleece jackets. Good for them, since the rain made heavy showers in back home in Bergen all day. The whole crew and the captain showed great spirit and they are heading for the shortest and fastest way to the Azores.

35 nautical miles to Lizard

The code zero has just gone up as the wind direction suited it and the wind speed has dropped. Bit of a balancing act between a double reefed mainsail and the zero. 5 hours ish to Lizard point and then another 15 miles or so into Falmouth. Plan is to get some sleep, make some phone calls to NKE and take stock.
Jan sent me a list of all the well wishers, many thanks to you all.

Diesel and Sail Trim - Jbellino

Diesel and Sail Trim - Jbellino

Well here we are. A sensible day, dry, moderate winds, good viz, moderate sea. Ideal conditions to practice sail trim. I have been on deck for a while now and have watched the wind constantly changing its speed between 12-16kts and direction 310-350 degrees. I have cross sheeted the jib so that I can winch it on the high side. It means I can sit between the jib and main winches and adjust both sails without moving. I have been reading a book all the time and have turned less than a dozen pages, all because the sails constantly need adjustment.

Monday 6th - No work for Mark and I

48:11.5N 010:24.8W
At last, Mark and I are rediscovering our sea legs and able to tuck into
some decent food.  Sunday evening and night were pretty hard work as we
were just coming off the continental shelf with 25kts of breeze and the
atlantics swell was not doing us many favours as the depth of water went from
2000m to 200m. 
We seem to have a problem with our AIS system, Carolina (and others) have
only been picking up an intermittent signal from us.  Also the AIS screen
has come up with some error messages around an antenna problem.   I
have remade the connection onto the back o

Monday 6th Update

Hope this update works if so, it is now Monday 6th
at 11:30am and David and I are doing ok.

not the best of..

.. nights last night. sat on cockpit floor all night waiting for electronics to fail again.. they did .. twice..Marco very kindly sent through some suggestions and have had a go with at all of them. Dropped switch panel out and cleaned all then earths, this seems to have made a difference, at least for the moment anyway.
I seem to have become ill. chest sore, coughing up green stuff , head that feels like Will is playing drums inside of it and very scratch throat. Going to try and get some sleep in a moment then dig out a can of soup and have a go at making myself feel better.

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