The mid 1980s saw the introduction of several other short-handed races
and the AZAB field dropped to 39, though by now it was established as a
firm favourite with many competitors entering for the second or third
time. The lower size limit was raised to 25ft (7.62m) and the upper to
45ft (13.72m) for single-handers and 75ft (22.86m) for two-handers. As
well as racing within classes, the Channel Handicap System was
introduced for monohulls and MOCRA handicaps for multihulls, giving
a two-tier system of prizes. Entries came from five European countries
with British, Spanish and Dutch among the winners, and some
remarkable times were set by the larger boats as the 60ft monohull Cherry
Valley Super Duck
and 75ft catamaran Novanet Elite battled for line
honours over both legs.

* Extract from the 2007 Official Race Program