AZAB with an Audio Compass

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AZAB with an Audio Compass

by Jim Moore

(Jim received the Qualifier's Mug for the following passage.)

It all started in Falmouth, back in 1992. I was reporting to the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club for the start of `Blind Week', an annual event organised by RYA Seamanship Foundation (now Sailability) for sailors who have a visual impairment. I was assigned to the Sun Legende 41 The Legend of Isles and when I was introduced to its owner/skipper Malcolm Eyles, little did I know what was in store for me.

By the end of Blind Week a friendship was started and later that year Malcolm invited me to be his crew in the l993 Brixham to Santander two-handed yacht race. This was a great new experience for me as I had never before sailed short-handed and for the first time I would be totally reliant upon the audio compass. This device was developed by Autohelm to enable visually impaired people to helm a compass course independently. Its speaker delivers a high bleep when there is a need to go to starboard and a low bleep when there is a need to go to port. When on course it is silent of course, or so they say -- not the way I helm.

I will not dwell on this event other than to mention one very memorable occurrence some few miles after the start when we had a spinnaker broach. `How could you, Malcolm', I thought, `I haven't been trained for this'. I looked towards the shoreline, too far to swim, water and ropes seemed to be everywhere. I don't like spinnakers!

Having set the stage I will now proceed to the real drama of my sailing experience.