Tamar Swallow - Sue Thatcher/Nigel Baxter, Out. Frank Grinnall, Back


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Tamar Swallow
Sue Thatcher
Skipper Nationality: 
Nigel Baxter, Out. Frank Grinnall, Back
Co-Skipper Nationality: 


Victoria 38




Tamar Swallow was built for us in 1998, her first passage being the qualifier for the 1999 AZAB which we completed double handed. She is a light blue Victoria 38 cutter designed by Chuck Paine as an extened blue water cruising boat. she proved well mannered and a good sea boat.

Skipper Profile

I am 69 years old and have sailed since my early 20's, though I only started sailing seriously off shore in my fifties when family and work allowed. I have sailed over 100,000 miles arround the world in many vessels. My long suffering husband does not sail with me, he is an expeienced day sailor and is a great shorebased support.

Co-Skipper Profile

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