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Rob Craigie
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Charles Allen
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J 122




Jbellino is a standard J-122. I bought her new in 2007 and had her fitted with Tack Tick instruments and a Raymarine gyro auto pilot. Since I sail solo I use a roller jib and have fitted longer jib sheet tracks to ensure a good sheeting angle when reefed. The main has single line reefing which is very quick and effective. The sail is fitted with blocks rather than eyes so the reef line experiences low friction and sufficient foot tension can be achieved. All halyards, sheets and reef lines are Dyneema. Very expensive, very low stretch and very effective. Sails are by North. A permanently installed 12 volt computer and screen provides communication and navigation support. In harbour, communication is by a mobile internet dongle while at sea an Iridium sat phone is used to access emails and weather forecasts. My preferred navigation program is Expedition which supports all charting and routing needs.

Skipper Profile

I have been racing off shore for over 20 years. The longer racing eg. YM Triangle, Solent-Santander, AZAB have been double handed with Karen Dolling. I have owned and raced a Sigma 33, Sigma 38 and now J-122 over 30 years. I have sailed 22,000 miles in Jbellino with the highlight so far being the OSTAR 2009. The roller furling failed on day 3, the wind instruments on day 5 and west of the Grand Banks a storm blew in and I lost the big spinnaker and jib. I reckon fate was on my side though because I achieved 1st in class 1, 2nd line honours and 2nd overall IRC.

Co-Skipper Profile

Charles Allen, a highly experienced offshore racer, is the current holder of the monohull under 40ft (Single handed, fixed ballast) AZAB return leg record. This record time of 09-04-41 was set in the 1999 race in Charles' Mustang 30, Hakuna Matata. Charles expects his long standing record to fall this year, he says "It's a quality fleet for 2011. Given decent breezes I'd expect the record to fall. I'm racing two-handed this time around so will not be able to defend my record" Charles is back with Rob on Jebellino following their successful 2010 race programme that included the Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race and RSYC Doublehanded Series.