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Kevin Rolling
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Matt Bate
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Prima 38




I was launched in March 2007 and the last AZAB was my first race. At that time I had a few 'new boat' problems which have now been fixed and I'm looking forward to giving a good account of myself this time.

Skipper Profile

Kevin (52) a Dental Technician from landlocked Leicestershire (not a first choice location for a person with a love of the sea!) has been sailing seriously for 8 years. When not traveling to and from the coast, he works with his wife Victoria running their Dental Laboratory in Nottingham. Back in 2007, Kevin was looking for a life defining event and certainly achieved that in the last AZAB. It was his first ever race and with many valuable lessons learned since then hopes for a better result this time with less adrenaline.

Co-Skipper Profile

Matt (19) lived next door to Kevin until he went to Nottingham University last year. Incredibly he met up with Kevin by accident when on a family holiday to La Trinite on the west coast of France three years ago. Kevin had just completed a race there and offered Matt a lift home aboard Merlin. Matt loved his first taste of sailing even with the windless days and complete power loss for most of the passage. He has completed many cross Channel races since then and is looking forward to starting this iconic race.