Change of Course - Keith Gibbs/Janet Sainsbury


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Change of Course
Keith Gibbs
Janet Sainsbury
Co-Skipper Nationality: 


C & C 115





Skipper Profile

I have sailed for 40 yearsaround UK & close Europe.On retirement I extended to W.Med Atlantic & caribean.Whilst my boat was in the Caribean I crewed for Janet who introduced me to club racing and I have since finished 5 fastnnets incl. 2007, 2009 two handed. This year I did RB&I crewed & 2handed and am looking forward to my 1st. true Oceon Race.

Co-Skipper Profile

I have been sailing with the Channel Sailing Club about17 years,and one of the first people I crewed for was Keith,and he has been my mentor sincethen. !have cruised and raced with the club,some JOG and RORC racing on my Sigma 33 and previously a GK24. I have cruiised in the Med. and Caribean with Keith having crossed the Atlantic. Also around theSolent & Channel with the CSC.I have raced 5 Fastnets on varios boats,once 2 handed and also the RB&I 2 handed twice. I once raced to Alderney single handed in a GK24, Never again.I also did the Madeira race with Keith & the Biscay double in 2008. I don't mind heavy weather, but am happy in light airs also, but I always want to finish.