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Class 1 away. 'Tyrant' (right) 3rd and 'Celtic Dream' (left foreground) 4th. 'Hakuna Matata' and 'Bucks Eagle' are out of shot to the right.

Despite early forecasts of a South-Westerly, the depression centre was right overhead and we had light and variable winds with gusty showers.

A good start for me. Class 1 started last by which time the wind had shifted and the line was heavily biased towards the ODM (Outer Distance Mark). The majority appeared not to have noticed this and herded together at the committee boat end of the line. Bucks Eagle (Sadler 34) passed me just before the first mark carrying full genoa; I had chosen a No.3 Jib.
I was 2nd at the first mark and 3rd at the 2nd mark which had been laid off Gyllyngvase beach below Pendennis Castle. A big wind shift in this bay caught out all of us trying to lay the mark except Bucks Eagle who seemed to escape unscathed.
Down the next leg to the Manacles buoy the wind dropped and switched to the North, making it a dead run. I had already caught up with some class 2 boats and passed more on this leg. Hakuna showing good speed in the light airs and leaving the bulk of class 1 far behind. I eventually passed Bucks Eagle, who had suffered a major spinnaker wrap, and regained the lead.