Interview with Jankees Lampe, winner of the Henry Lloyd Challenge Cup in AZAB 2007

The Henry Lloyd Challenge Cup is awarded to the yacht in any class taking the shortest aggregate elapsed time, i.e. line honours. Today i reached Jankees Lampe via email for a few questions.
MN: In 2007 you took line honours on both legs of the AZAB on La Promesse. Did you compete single or double-handed?

JKL: Singlehanded.

MN: What were the highlights for you personally, the moments you remember the most?

JKL: Highlight: arrival in Ponta Delgada just after midnight, line honours!!
scariest moment: (very) close encounter while repairing oil leak in hydr ram drive

MN: The race is proving more popular than ever, with over 100 entries, what is the appeal of this race?

JKL: It' a very good race to develop or gain offshore and deep water experience. In the right season, sailing into Azores High. But it can be tough, with nasty headwinds in biscay or off Finisterre. Overall no too difficult and two 8 - 10 day legs with a pause in between. It's out and return which make delivery easier to organize and manage. Choice to sail single- or doublehanded.

MN: Are you thinking about entering?

JKL: Yes, I am. If work allows me to. Have to defend my wins!?

MN: The Azores are on the rhumb line of another famous race, the Route du Rhum which you had entered in 2006 but were forced to abandon. What happened there?

JKL: Damned! I thought I had forgotten! :-))  I lost my rig in no wind conditions on the 2nd day, 55 nm sw of Scillies. Took me two hours to get rid of rig and brand new (7 days) main. Then another 28 hours, 2 boxes of Marlboro and my six cans of beer (for the difficult moments) to reach Plymouth.

MN: In 2009 you took line honours at the 2009 OSTAR, was the AZAB an important step in preparing for the race?

JKL: Yes it was! Although I had sailed singlehanded for years, racing is different. Dare you hoist a gennaker when it is blowing 27 knots but from a favourable angle? In the pitch dark? At a rough sea? Meteo, meteo, meteo. You can go very fast now. But end up in a wind hole later. I learned a lot. And I still do every mile I add to the log!

MN: What should the 2011 competitors expect? What was the atmosphere like in Falmouth and in Ponta Delgada?

JKL: It is a fantastic race! It is organized for the sailors in the first place. Although a race needs sponsors to cover the costs, AZAB is primarily a sailors event! Like OSTAR!

MN: Do you have any words of advice for those entering the race for the first time? What are the critical moments?

JKL: Take care of Black Rock!!  At the start and (for sure) when finishing!!!

By Marco Nannini.